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The Embedded Beat is moving

The Embedded Beat blog is moving to a new best-in-class environment sitting with the new Freescale Community. All of the valuable blog posts and comments that you’ve come to expect have been migrated to the new platform. What’s new about the platform? Because the Embedded Beat and the Freescale Community operate off of the same platform, […]

Using the touch interface on the Freescale Freedom Development Platform

By Tom Thompson – A recent blog article by Erich Styger introduced the Freescale Freedom Development Platform, a new cost-effective development platform for Kinetis L series microcontroller (MCUs). This small 81 mm x 54 mm board consists of Freescale Kinetis L series MCU and a number of useful peripherals that enable the design of novel low-power embedded […]

MQX Lite is a heavy-weight hitter

By Jim Trudeau – The buzz around the Kinetis L series microcontroller (MCU) is really exciting. It combines the low-power, low-cost and ease-of-use of 8-bit, with the energy-efficiency, feature integration and scalability of 32-bit. My colleague Erich Styger wrote about the Freescale Freedom development platform, which is enabled by Kinetis L series KL1 and KL2 MCUs families. The platform […]

CodeWarrior IDE v10.3: A whole new perspective

By Jim Trudeau — There is clearly a difference between dream and reality. Figure 1 shows what we dream of when we dream space station, compared to what we build for real. The dream is a coherent, singular, integrated whole, in this case represented by an image from the movie 2001: A Space Odyssey. Reality […]

Software and hardware breakpoints

By Erich Styger—As an embedded software developer, the use of breakpoints to debug software is a fact of life. I usually debug my applications in flash memory, because nearly all of the microcontroller units (MCUs) I use have on-chip flash memory, and quite often there is more of it available than RAM. However, debugging code in […]

The Bare Metal Enthusiast: Winding the Clock

By Derrick Klotz — For those of us old enough to remember, a clock or watch had to be wound before it would start working. You also had to set the time. Before anything works properly in a microcontroller unit (MCU), we first need to configure its clock. As you can imagine, this is a little […]

Eclipse working sets revealed

By Erich Styger – The CodeWarrior IDE is based on the Eclipse framework, and is project based. The CodeWarrior Projects view shows you your projects, and their contents. However, over time more projects pile up in my workspace, and more resources accompany these projects. You reach a point where, despite the IDE’s many views, the […]


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