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The Embedded Beat is moving

The Embedded Beat blog is moving to a new best-in-class environment sitting with the new Freescale Community. All of the valuable blog posts and comments that you’ve come to expect have been migrated to the new platform. What’s new about the platform? Because the Embedded Beat and the Freescale Community operate off of the same platform, […]

Magnetometer placement – where and why

By Michael Stanley – In my last posting (Accelerometer placement – where and why [1]) I discussed tradeoffs to be considered when choosing where to locate an accelerometer in your design. THIS posting does the same thing, but for magnetometers. This posting also builds on topics previously discussed in Hard and soft iron magnetic compensation explained […]

Electronic paper illuminates a larger set of apps

By Nik Jedrzejewski – eReaders continue to sell like hot cakes, and I’m seeing them everywhere – not only in indoor environments like work and airports, but I’m spotting them at parks, pools and beaches. These devices are powered by ElectroPhoretic Display (EPD) technology, a.k.a. Electronic Paper Display, which is designed to mimic the appearance of […]

Opportunities on the “Internet of Things” – it starts at home

By FTF staff  — Today, more ‘things’ are connected to the Internet than there are people on the planet. Everything from smart appliances, to traffic lights to security cameras to retail displays will learn, adapt and react to help facilitate our everyday lives – and the breadth of connected, intelligent devices is growing exponentially. Embedded processing […]

Freescale announces Windows 8 sensor fusion

By Michael Stanley – In my last post (“Degrees of freedom vs. axes”) we discussed some basic terminology for sensor fusion. This time around, we get to put that lesson into practice as we examine Freescale’s recent technology announcement of a full featured reference platform for Windows® 8 sensor fusion. If you are a regular […]

Do android “tablets” dream of electric sheep?

By Robert Thompson – What makes a tablet a tablet, as opposed to a phablet or convertible? Until recently, screen size — greater than 5 inches, less than 11 inches — was a tidy way to categorize the fastest growing category in consumer electronics. However, as 2012 has progressed and many companies have looked to […]

Five good reasons for wireless charging

By Yves Legrand – The global wireless charging market is projected to grow an astonishing 1500% in just 5 years, reaching $7.161 billion in 2017 from $456.86 million in 2011, according to a recent Wireless Charging Market research report. Even the U.S. Army wants to arm its troops with wireless charging everywhere. The research is out. The use cases exist. So, […]


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