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The Embedded Beat is moving

The Embedded Beat blog is moving to a new best-in-class environment sitting with the new Freescale Community. All of the valuable blog posts and comments that you’ve come to expect have been migrated to the new platform. What’s new about the platform? Because the Embedded Beat and the Freescale Community operate off of the same platform, […]

Opportunities on the “Internet of Things” – it starts at home

By FTF staff  — Today, more ‘things’ are connected to the Internet than there are people on the planet. Everything from smart appliances, to traffic lights to security cameras to retail displays will learn, adapt and react to help facilitate our everyday lives – and the breadth of connected, intelligent devices is growing exponentially. Embedded processing […]

Insights on the evolution of smart energy

By Derek Phillips – Smart energy is a term that takes on many different meanings depending on the context of the conversation. It can mean load balancing, peak shaving, connected intelligence, managing distributed generation or simply using energy more efficiently. As the number of meters capable of bi-directional communication is projected to grow into the […]

California changes the rules for battery chargers

By Yves Legrand –  The California Energy Commission (CEC) has adopted a new power efficiency specification for battery chargers that will be sold in this state. The CEC has taken the lead one more time to impose better designed products that waste less energy. It is expected that the US federal specification will follow this lead. […]

Different ways to kill a Watt

By Yves Legrand – Since Freescale introduced its Watt Saver solution to eliminate stand-by power consumption in AC/DC power adapters, I keep an eye on other innovations in this market. I was really amused by the PumPing Tap, which received a “red dot design award” for its spring-loaded socket that ejects the plug if an appliance […]

More power to the people: Pre-paid smart meters

By Meera Balakrishnan – Roll out of the smart metering infrastructure and smart meters with communications capabilities bring energy efficiency to both utilities and consumers. The solution requirements vary by country but there are common requirements for consumers and utility companies – regardless of the geography. For example, utility companies must keep new infrastructure outlay […]

10 cool applications for wireless charging

By Yves Legrand – Here are 10 cool applications where you may want to use wireless charging:


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