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The Embedded Beat is moving

The Embedded Beat blog is moving to a new best-in-class environment sitting with the new Freescale Community. All of the valuable blog posts and comments that you’ve come to expect have been migrated to the new platform. What’s new about the platform? Because the Embedded Beat and the Freescale Community operate off of the same platform, […]

Power management: ‘The black magic’ in processors

By John Dixon — I once had a customer who called power management ‘the black magic’ in processors, as every silicon vendor implements power management differently and when similar power management techniques are implemented, the end results can vary from company to company. To understand why silicon vendors implement different forms of power management, it […]

Expert Viewpoint / Fused core logic: Multithreading for multicore performance

By John Dixon – The term ‘multithreading’ is a generic description of the method used to increase the utilization of a single core with thread level as well as instruction level parallelism. In my conversations with multiple customers on this topic following our recent QorIQ Advanced Multiprocessing (AMP) series announcements, including the T4240 based on […]

The power comes to the Tower System platform

By Tom Thompson – No, this article is not about a missing Lord of the Rings movie. (Although that would be cool.) It’s about the fact that Freescale microcontrollers (MCUs) and microprocessor units (MPUs) based on Power Architecture technology are now part of the designer’s toolkit when using the Freescale Tower System platform for embedded systems development.

M2M: It’s mobile and embedded!

By Iain Davidson — This week is a BIG week in Europe. We have Mobile World Congress and embedded world in the same week and I’m torn. Where do I go to talk M2M? The answer? I will be in both places, two days each. At Mobile World Congress, it’s all about M2M for healthcare […]

Making the move to multicore: Core communications and channels (Part 5)

By Rob Oshana – This article continues my discussion of migrating legacy network routing software to a multicore platform. While multiple cores can boost throughput, care must be taken in how they access shared data to avoid corrupting it or using stale information. This can be managed by using the processor’s memory manager or hypervisor to […]

Making the move to multicore: Switching strategies (Part 2)

By Rob Oshana – In a previous blog article, I provided a general overview of networking system functions and components. I pointed out how the throughput of such devices could be improved by taking advantage of the capabilities of multicore processors. The processing load can be divvied up among the multiple cores to increase throughput, […]


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