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The Embedded Beat is moving

The Embedded Beat blog is moving to a new best-in-class environment sitting with the new Freescale Community. All of the valuable blog posts and comments that you’ve come to expect have been migrated to the new platform. What’s new about the platform? Because the Embedded Beat and the Freescale Community operate off of the same platform, […]

Freescale highlights significant auto MCU industry shifts, impacts auto OEMs

By Stephan Lehmann — More than 1,400 participants from around the world, including the top management from German car OEMs, tier 1s, semiconductor suppliers and partners, gather every other year for the Automotive Electronics event in Baden-Baden, Germany. Industrywide initiatives, such as the AUTOSAR standard, started at this event. This month, the smaller Baden-Baden Spezial […]

A week of automotive Ethernet-based networking

By Axel Streicher – As a founding member of the OPEN Alliance SIG (One-Pair Ether-Net Special Interest Group), Freescale hosted the second 2012 Promoter and All Members face-to-face meeting in its Munich, Germany, facility this month. A decade ago, an initial assembly of companies formed in the same Freescale building. This group became known as […]

48V for car electrification

By Cherif Assad – At the Ludwigsburg Elektronik Congress last year, German carmakers including Audi, BMW, Daimler, Porsche and Volkswagen agreed on 48V embedded supply to support the growing current load requirements in modern vehicles. From an engineering point of view, the intention is to streamline the electric/electronic architecture, which will optimize the power network […]

Automotive infotainment and open-source development: Where is the industry moving?

By Laurent Emmerich – Coupled with high-speed internet connectivity and intuitive human machine interfaces (HMI), our cars have become smart devices on wheels. Dashboards that once featured basic audio systems are being replaced with multimedia and entertainment systems that stream data from the internet, mirroring many of the features that we access in our homes […]

Automotive safety, efficiency and speed

By FTF staff – Since the fuel-injection era began six months ago, NASCAR has seen a 10 to 15 percent improvement in fuel economy. In this last morning of FTF, Doug Yates and Peter Van Manen joined Freescale’s Lou Lutostanski on stage to talk about the evolution of technology in motorsports. The fuel-injection engines, which debuted […]

Electrical motors, invisible little helpers!

By Axel Streicher — Did you ever ponder over how many electrical motors can be found in a modern vehicle? Not really, eh? So if you, the technical savvy reader here, did not, then the average car user may not even acknowledge that there are electrical motors in vehicles running from fuel. Invisible little helpers, […]


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